5 Common Mistakes Buyers Make When at an Open House

5 Common Mistakes Buyers make when at an open house


If you are a buyer, open houses can be fun but also an extremely time-consuming part of the real estate search process. In most cases, it’s time spent on your well earned Saturday or Sunday off of work. If you are going to invest your valuable time in visiting an open house, let’s make it worth your while.

Time and time again I see buyers at open houses making some crucial mistakes without getting the guidance they deserve from their own real estate agent. If you are going to visit an open house, with or without your agent, avoid these 5 mistakes to maximize your time spent. If you avoid these 5 mistakes, you will have more success and will better enjoy the home buying process.

Rush Through the Open House

Agents hold open houses for 3-4 hours for a reason; to give potential buyers plenty of time explore the property. There is no time limit on how long you can be at an open house. If you have made the time commitment to visit the open house, it’s a house you are interested in. So take your time, there is no limit on how long you can look at an open house. Spend time walking each aspect of the house. Go from the front door to the back door, and vise versa. It’s very important to get a feel for the house while you are there from all angles and rooms. Don’t feel shy about looking into the cupboards and pantry, opening up all doors in the house and learning the entire layout. Do your best to emulate normal routes you would end up taking on a daily basis.

  1.    Walk from the kitchen to the master bedroom
  2.    Walk from the front door to the master bedroom
  3.    Walk from the garage to the master bedroom

No Pictures or No Notes

People, it’s 2018! We sometimes take 10 more than pictures a day of the most random things. At an open house, there are no secrets, no proprietary information that can be copied or duplicated. This could be your potential dream home, take pictures of it from all angles. Yes, there are pictures online that agents pay $1,000s of dollars to capture, but those are not real life and can transform a home into something it’s not. The best way to remember what the house actually looks like is to take your own pictures.

Along with pictures, taking notes about things you like and things you don’t like can be crucial when evaluating and comparing homes. Reviewing your notes from each open house visit will jog your memory about details you might not remember when deciding which home you liked best.

Don’t ask enough questions

I constantly whiteness buyers not asking the Agent at the open house questions. They either don’t know what to ask, or they feel timid about asking questions. Remember, their job is to answer your questions. Have a predetermined set of questions you ask during the open house along with random questions that come to mind. For example: How long did the owners own the house, why are they selling, what are the average utilities monthly, how are the neighbors, what do the HOA entitle you to, what are the cons to the property, etc.

Worry about small  details

When you buy a home, you are buying a lifestyle you want to live. If the home meets all of your big requirements, don’t sweat the small stuff. Small details can be changed at very low costs, usually. Focus on the big picture!

Don’t bring an Agent

So you trust your agent to handle one of the biggest purchase of your life but they are not looking at homes with you? That doesn’t make sense. It’s crucial for you to spend as much time with your agent as possible so they can learn about your needs. While touring an open house, you are able to open up and discuss important details regarding home features, location, and styles. If the Agent isn’t with you every step of the way guiding, working, consulting, searching, learning, teaching and coaching you through this process, then why have one?



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