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Laguna Beach is my favorite place in the world. On a typical summer day in Laguna Beach, one could say that it’s the prettiest most tropical place in the world.  With the majority of the City directly on the world famous Pacific Coast Highway,  properties are within walking distance to dozens of beautiful beach coves and beach cliffs. Given the City location and limited access to the local freeway’s, this has encouraged the local community to develop a tight family oriented beach vibe. Due to the limited geographic area, its real estate market has opened the door for a great home investment. Buy a home now in Laguna Beach.

Laguna Beach Real Estate Expert Gaston Wilder

Gaston Wilder is driven by passion and the rewarding feeling the real estate industry can give an Agent. Not just any Agent, but an Agent that really cares about the future happiness of his clients.  With becoming one of the top Laguna Beach Real Estate Agents, contact Gaston if you are in the market to buy a luxury beachfront or sell your  Laguna Beach property.

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Laguna Beach Home



Buying a Laguna Beach Home Now

No question, if you are looking to live in paradise, Laguna Beach is the is the place to buy a home now. With the beautiful local Victoria Beach, it’s been ranked as the 7th Best Beaches in America by the Huffington Post, however, all the beaches in Laguna look almost identical in terms of beauty. With a high medium per capita income, homes keep their value over time and will only be increasing over time. Paradise awaits you once you buy a Laguna Beach Home.


Laguna Beach School Districts

Education is very important in building a foundation for our youth. Laguna Beach has done its job in creating some of the top schools in the nation. The local schools are a part of the Laguna Beach Unified School Districts with a Gold Standard of Education at 4.   The local beach town schools include Laguna Beach High School sitting in the heart of downtown Laguna Beach, Thurston Middle School, El Morro Elementary School and Top of the World Elementary School.



The City of Laguna Beach 

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