Best Surf Spots in Orange County

Best Surf Spots in Orange County


The best and most famous of all of the orange county surf spots is definitely the world-famous Trestles Beach. Trestles is known as one of the best and most playful waves for experienced surfers in the world, let alone our top orange county surf spot.

There are a few different individual spots at Trestles and all of them have a slightly different wave and energy.  The most famous and arguably best surf spot is Lower Trestles. Lowers is a really long rippable and playful right with a steep playful left that’s a dream for experienced surfers. There are two other surf spots at Trestles: Middles and Uppers. Uppers is a really long playful right that can be an absolute dream for any regular footed surfer looking to attack their forehand. Depending on which surfer you are talking to, one of the biggest benefits to surfing Trestles is the long walk through a preserved San Clemente State Beach. Due to this long walk, Trestles is probably the hardest of the Orange County surf spots to get to – yet it can seem like it’s by far the most crowded spot!


Huntington Beach Pier

Although it may be a bit cliché, Huntington Beach pier in Surf City USA makes our list as a top Orange County surf spot. Huntington is filled with many breaks – some of them being significantly better than others. But if you’re at Huntington and had to catch one spot when its on, it would be the most definitely be the pier.  With the right tide and the right swell and wind, these settings create a long hollow ripple bowl going both directions off the pier. Not only that, but you can find perfect A-frame peaks just a few yards down the beach. The only downside to surfing to Huntington Beach pier is the extremely strong rip currents (you better be ready to paddle!)  Oh ya, and there’s a pretty big crowd in the line-up at times!


50th Sts

Another Orange County surf spot is 54th St jetty in Newport Beach. This wave is very fast and can be extremely hollow at times. If you’re a surfer, you have seen plenty of surfline videos of guys getting barreled in Newport. One of the cool things about the 50th streets in Newport is the wave breaks really close to shore, so the beach crowd can watch on close by. With it’s peaky, hollow, and fast waves, 54th st definitely makes our Orange County’s top surf spots.


Salt Creek

In my opinion, the most fun and playful Orange County surf spot is Salt Creek Beach in Dana Point. Not only is this spot playful, but it can get extremely good at times – offering every surfer an opportunity to shine. If you love a long rippable left point break, look no further and go surf the Point. If you want the option to go right or left and display your talent, go surf Middles. Lastly, if you want to get barrelled during the right swell, head down the beach to Gravels and get some of the best right barrels in Orange County.

If you choose to go the opposite way at the Point, the right hander coming off the jetty can be very dangerous at times but incredible nonetheless. With the right swell direction, the right amount of sand, Rights off Point can be a 10 second peeling right tube that goes for days into Strands Beach. Even though Rights off Point isn’t a top Orange County surf spot, when its on, it might make a run for best right hand barrell in all of Orange County.

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