Sell Your Home

Selling a home can be one of the most rewarding and exciting times in your life. For most, it’s a huge financial decision that can propel the next state in one’s life. Selling a home in Orange County can be tricky if not done correctly so it’s important to connect and hire the right agent in order to get maximum value and have a smooth hand’s free transaction process.

Why you should use an Agent to Sell Your Home

A lot of homeowners have a nasty taste in their mouth when it comes to real estate agents.  Why do I need an agent they ask. If I can just do it myself? That is true, homeowners could do it themselves but why? Why spin your wheels and put yourself through the stress it will create in your life during this time. Why spend hundreds of hours getting the house sold correctly. Yes, It will take hundreds of hours of work if you are going to get the house sold for the best value possible. Why not think of the opportunity cost you are losing with that time in order to save 4-6 % commission. If you take that opportunity cost and spend it working and investing it in the real world, you can net triple the 4-6 % commission amount you would be saving.


Trying to sell a house without using a real estate agent is like going to a grocery store to buy your weekly groceries but the store has no tags on any aisle and no labels on any food. Could you find what you are looking for? Yes. But it will be an absolute pain in the butt and will take you an absurd amount of time and energy. Why not go to a grocery store with labels on all the isles and labels on every piece of food? If you go to the store with labels, it will turn a 24-hour grocery store experience into a 5-minute experience. Not only will you enjoy the experience more, you will have 23 hours and 55 minutes to spend on other more important things.


After you have considered the upside to not trying to sell a home on your own, considering some things agents have access to that will DRAMATICALLY help sell your home for the best value.

  1. MLS – Multiple Listing Services is a tool all real estate agents have access to. This system allows your home to be seen by over 500,000 agents in orange county.
  2. Marketing Dollars – Using an Orange County real estate agent can benefit you due to marketing efforts. In order to get the best value for your home, the home needs to be presented professionally using hundreds of different marketing channels. Some brokerages spend up to $15,000 to $100,000 per month on marketing listings. If you want the best value for the home, a very well thought out and far-reaching marketing plan is key.  
  3. The network of Buyers in your area – By choosing to use an Agent, their number one goal is the goal is to get your hour house sold for maximum value. Agents have a network of buyers at their brokerage looking to buy property immediately. With the demand so HIGH for Orange County homes, Agents have more buyers contacting them then they know what to do with.
  4. A Team Dedicated Agents- Agents operate with a win-win attitude for other associates in their brokerage. If one agent can get a home sold, it brings more revenue and money into that brokerage. With that being said, more money allows for more marketing dollars spent on all agents helping everyone’s bottom line.


Sell Your Home